Well I have a new toy they are the Konxari Cards. “A supplement for your ghost hunting , seance, or spirit communication experience”. I saw these on one of the Facebook groups I frequent. The site and instructions suggest you do not use these cards alone. I take that to mean in the dark as this is when the “otherworldly activity” happens. Although watching the news it seems rampant in the waking hours as well. In any event I took the deck out to shuffle and attempt to pull a few cards to see what the deck would say. While shuffling the 88 card deck the three cards you see in the pic are what fell out onto the floor. DECAY w/ earth symbol and the letter C. LOST w/ directional arrow pointing right and the letter G. LIFE w/ Buddhist symbol and the letter O. Now this could be taken many ways using these as an oracle which I am not going to try to do as there is a specific layout you should use. I am just going to “sit” on these cards and see if they make sense anytime soon or if they were just a few insignificant cards that just slipped out of the deck. We shall see.


About Cheryl

Cheryl~Cancer~7/5/66: Deep mysterious waters... cascading fountains into the Life and Times around Her, Masquerading as a Fiery Songbird of multi-cromatic mental hues, She sings the thoughts and gatherings of all whom she touches yet she is Sung by the Universal Harmony of Love Within... May she remember her Depths, on Her Golden Flights. john roman 2002

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