The single life…


Being single for quite some time, I join the ranks of countless others who ask the cards about a future relationship. For this inquiry I thought it fateful to use The Lenormand Révolution deck by Carrie Paris & Roz Foster self published @ The Game Crafter.

While shuffling,  I “charged” the Ring card as the Ring card signifies “partnerships”.  Once done shuffling and cutting the deck , I looked for the ring card and pulled the two cards before and after it in the deck.


The cards meaning could not be more ominous or clear.

“Speaking from experience , you have experienced changes within relationships and change of heart. ”

The cards are telling me I have to want it. I have to literally have a change of heart given my experience with double talk in relationships.

I am not unlike any other out there who had a relationship change them. Hence being single so long. A heart experienced change. A desire changed.

Obvious. AND confirms my way of how I pulled these cards. I used to fan the cards face down and choose cards randomly. BUT doing it that way, made me feel I “psychically” chose the cards to fit the inquiry. 
I never liked “charging” the cards either. I liked them to speak for themselves. 

I have had a change of heart about that now too, given my experience. 😉


About Cheryl

Cheryl~Cancer~7/5/66: Deep mysterious waters... cascading fountains into the Life and Times around Her, Masquerading as a Fiery Songbird of multi-cromatic mental hues, She sings the thoughts and gatherings of all whom she touches yet she is Sung by the Universal Harmony of Love Within... May she remember her Depths, on Her Golden Flights. john roman 2002

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